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How to use Color with Subtlety: our Rainbow Queen & the Beauty Spotlight Team!
April 27, 2024
Hi there

Cold sunshine today, but at least it's bright and dry!! My husband is on a boys trip with his son for a few days and, apparently, as Europe is even colder than here I'm so pleased not to have been invited!

If you managed a Closet Revamp with me last time then hopefully you are looking ahead to fill the odd gaps in your wardrobe. Just remember that layering is more necessary than ever now as our weather continues to be more extreme and unexpected the world over.

It would have been our late beloved Queen's 98th birthday this week and I make no apologies for looking once again at the color legacy she left us.

If you are feeling warm in your neck of the woods please enjoy!!! Pamela x

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Have a great weekend - Pamela x

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