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Lots of color! St Patrick's Green; Color in Nature and your Color Analysis!
March 09, 2024
Hi there

Lots of color in the magazine today!

With St Patrick's Day on the horizon I thought we'd have a good look at Green! Whether or not you're celebrating St Patrick's Day, green is a strong color for Spring/Summer 2024. And yet, strangely, many people have never even considered wearing it! I show you how to recognize the best shades for you!

Something I haven't looked at for a long time is how Color Analysis has it's origins in Nature and I show you how the harmony is created. Fascinating stuff!

I have a birthday this week (my word the years roll on too quickly) and have a family weekend ahead of me. But the most important thing for all of us to look forward to is that Spring is just around the corner and a few more green shoots arrive every day.

Enjoy whatever sunshine comes your way - with love Pamela x

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Spring is just around the corner - Pamela x

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