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FREE Color Analysis competition; Face Shapes and a New Hobby!
February 03, 2024
Hi there

This is quite a landmark - 150 issues of 'Your Style'. Thank you so much for your friendship and support, I am delighted that you keep returning to read what I have to share about Color Shape and Style.

It's well timed as, during this special month of love, I can send a little back to you all with a competition offering FREE ONLINE COLOR ANALYSIS to one lucky reader (worth £79). This can be either for yourself or a nominated friend/relative who you feel really deserves or would benefit from this treat. Color Analysis can be a real game changer for how you feel about yourself as well as how you look! See below..

Friendship, as well as love, is something that's also celebrated on Valentine's Day, and 'Galentine's Day' has become popular for a girls get-together! Friendship is a big factor to consider when taking up a new hobby or pastime (see below); nothing bonds women quicker than having a common interest.

Spread a little love this month xx

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Let's spread a little love this month - Pamela x

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