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New Year - It's the time to Nurture yourself!
January 06, 2024
Hi there

Happy New Year and another one hits the dust! I sincerely hope you had a wonderful festive season with your loved ones and wish you a happy and healthy year ahead.

I'm a great believer in counting your blessings and valuing yourself at this time of year rather than feeling you have to aim for remarkable feats of diet and exercise in the days ahead! Take the time to nurture and care for yourself in ways that allow you to feel happy and content.

Several people have asked me how they can easily work out coloring for their friends and families. The Color Analysis books (below) really explain how both Tonal and the Seasonal method works as well as providing a digital color palette for all 10 Color Families. Buy 1 GET 2 FREE is in place for 2 weeks. Just purchase the Tonal Color Brief and I will send you the Seasonal Color Brief absolutely FREE!

Until next time I send my love Pamela xx

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