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Just one thing? Make it Velvet Pants for the Holidays!
November 18, 2023
Hi there

Hi there

My goodness this month is racing on. Thanksgiving next week and I'm delighted to say that, unusually, I'm cooking a turkey on Thursday!

My late sister-in-law was American and introduced me to many traditional dishes which are now family favorites. Christmas, of course, is our main event but Maurice and I will be in Mexico this year - our first time ever away from home at this time!

I've bought a new pair of velvet pants for the Holiday and realise just how much I rely on them year after year. If you buy just one thing this season, make it a pair of velvet pants - they will take you anywhere and everywhere whatever your age, shape or size!

There's a great mix of entries from the Beauty Spotlight Team this month from face masks to cookware, hope you enjoy!

There are only 12 days left to submit your Online Color Analysis before the end of November ensuring delivery prior to the Holiday. As in previous years you will be able to purchase Gift Vouchers in December redeemable from January 1st 2024.

'So the pie isn't perfect, cut it into wedges, stay in control and never panic!' Martha Stewart.

with love Pamela X

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