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Mid July Mag - Streamline your Summer Chic!
July 15, 2023
Hi there

Hi there

Well Europe is burning up to danger zones but the British Summertime gremlin has hit and we have rain just as we were planning a weekend away! We're made of tougher stuff though and have to decide that the weather will not define our fun!

Thinking of clothes for a diverse weekend, a couple of days with family and a couple of days sight-seeing, has reminded me of why I always re-visit and pack the same sort of outfits. Yes, perhaps I am a minimalist but I dress in layers for the British weather just as you will choose appropriately for your own climate.

In other words, why the heck do we spend so much time worrying about outfits. Let's streamline and aim for a chic Summer!

It's vacation time - enjoy!

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Enjoy the sunshine! with love Pamela x

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