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The Complete Capsule - 4 Seasons of Outfits
February 17, 2018

You're always asking about Capsule Wardrobe Plans and I have 2 brand new resources from my friend Alison of GYPO Style Challenges.

CLOSET STAPLES WARDROBE BUILDER is a year-round capsule wardrobe of stylish and versatile casual clothes including a closet staples shopping list of 43 pieces covering all 4 Seasons.

It also includes 64 days of mix and match outfit ideas created from pieces on the list - that's 15 per season!

These are 100% classics, so they'll never go out of style - and as they're reused across multiple seasons you'll get the best bang for your buck!

Whether you're looking to rebuild your wardrobe or just want to refresh your classic basics and create mix and match outfits this is a perfect choice whatever your age or lifestyle.

You've probably got a few classic pieces already so you're ready for the off with new inspiration! This is an instant digital download.

A CAPSULE WARDROBE for every season of the year for just $39

The BIG BOOK of OUTFIT FORMULAS has over 300 classic mix and match outfit ideas to create year-round easy style. Get all the tools you need to look stylish and feel great every day for all 4 Seasons PLUS work wear.

This book also includes best bets for date nights and Alison’s favorite outfits by Season. You’ll never walk into your closet and wonder what to wear again!

THE BIG BOOK OF OUTFIT FORMULAS is an instant digital download

Normally $49 but just $29 through to midnight on 5th March 2018

Enjoy - Pamela x

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