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BIG MESSUP - Resend of Color, Makeup, a new Princess and Party time!
December 17, 2017

Last newsletter of the year and I really messed up.

Apologies for the wrong graphic in my previous email, but hey, it did connect to the right page! I hope you will spare me a few more minutes to connect up with the latest features online!

This month's features:

* A new Princess on 19th May 2018

* Gift Vouchers - for the gift that lasts a lifetime

* Casual to Party - real fast...

* Are you dreading the Office Christmas Party?

* Or love it! Do's and Dont's of dressing for the Office Party

* How to choose the best mascara for YOUR lashes

CLICK into the IMAGE below to access

Look forward to seeing you with all the Christmas features


Pamela x

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