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Capsules and Color your way!
November 21, 2016

Amazingly, this newsletter currently goes out to 81 different countries - so it really is time to discover more about each other.

From your messages it appears you like being in touch with SYC and, wherever you are, I'd love you to SHARE YOUR STYLE with us. What you like wearing and what makes you feel good about yourself.

A photo, a brief sentence about yourself - that's all it takes.

Please join me online for the full..

November newsletter #040

This month's features:

* Competition winner of Capsule Wardrobe Ebook tells us why she needs it...

* Please SHARE YOUR STYLE with us? Let's learn more about each other.

* Color swatch images extended - much easier to see your color palette.

* Yes you can be Warm and Cool like Tricia in our Color Analysis gallery.

* How to feel confident in a sleeveless dress with flabby arms

* Gift Vouchers for Christmas

Please join us online for the full...

November newsletter #040

Look forward to seeing you there...

Pamela x

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