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Win free Ebooks and find your Autumn style
September 10, 2016

Loving being back to normal Newsletters after the Summer vacation!

I've just completed a set of short Ebooks for the 6 Tonal Color Families and to celebrate I'm giving away 10 free copies. I will choose names at random after 24 hours so make sure you click through into the full newsletter to enter your name.

Please join me online for the full..

September Newsletter

This month's features:

* New Ebooks for the Tonal Color Families with 10 free copies

* Layer up for Autumn

* 25 ways to save time in the morning

* How to use your Color Swatch

* Soft Autumn - must I stop wearing black?

* Color Analysis gallery - Warm color family

See you online for the full...

September Newsletter

Look forward to seeing you there...

Pamela x

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