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Like to review my Tummy fat and Neutrals for Cool
January 21, 2016

Past the time for those terrible resolutions and January 17th which is the most common date to give up on them! So now is a great time for positivity. Look ahead to what could be and what can be - for yourself and for others.

I'd really like your help! My first is complete and over the next few weeks I shall be rolling out a series of 10 books covering each of the Seasonal and Tonal COLOR FAMILIES. These are for anyone who knows but doesn't understand their colors. Perhaps you've worked out your own coloring; taken the free Color Analysis Quiz; had a professional color consultation but no good explanation - then this is for you.

Join me online for the full..


This month's features:

* 5 ways to hide Tummy Fat

* I'd love your help to review my new

* Neutrals for Cool coloring

* Bring your color swatch to life - Kettlewell Colours SALE!

* Style Question - Color Analysis - 2 different results!

* Color Analysis results - she's so much like Kate!

See you online for the full...


Until then...


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