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Issue #032 - The Downton Abbey ladies, 20% off Gift vouchers and makeup tips from Bobbi Brown
December 20, 2015

At this busy time of year, I hope you can spare 5 minutes to rest your feet and catch up with a few seasonal articles.

Compare the 'Then and Now' of the Downton Abbey ladies, and pick up a few makeup tips from the 'master' that is Bobbi Brown. Still stuck for a gift, take advantage of the cheapest and best Color Analysis on the Internet with a 'never-to-be-repeated' price of £32 for Gift Vouchers - only until Christmas Eve! The price must rise to £45 in January.

Join me online for the full..


This month's features:

* Catch up with the Downton Abbey ladies - now and then!

* 3 minutes of makeup tips to take years off your face

* 10 ways to look good in the chills

* Winter coats for Spring coloring

* Style Question - "How to identify color characteristics?"

* 20% off Gift Vouchers for Color Analysis - £32.00 only

* Color Analysis - getting it right!

See you online for the full...


Until then...


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