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Issue #027 - Midriff Bulges and Timeless Classics
August 18, 2015

We're in the middle of 'blooming' Summer and next week I'm off for a short holiday. Well aware of course that once I'm back we're into September and it's all downhill from thereon!

Baring all on the beach has made me think more about Middle Age Spread and how we're all different. I have a girl friend who complains that she has a midriff bulge and I don't - she forgets that I have the tummy and hips that she never has to contend with! We all put on weight in different places - do you know why?

Have you wished for your own PERSONAL STYLIST? Well next month I'm introducing a fabulous online program that will change the way you look at yourself and your clothes forever!


This month's features:

* Where is your middle age spread or midriff bulge?

* The Essentials Wardrobe

* The best natural ways to whiten your teeth...

* August birthday colors and horoscopes

* Style Question - The Seasons are not always right!!

* Final week for the Slimming World Summer offer

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