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Issue #026 - Sun, Sales and Summer Shades
July 20, 2015

Once into July the Summer seems to run away with us so quickly! Here in the UK we have to make the most of this short season and party while we have the opportunity! From the middle of July through to end of August is a special family time for me, lots of birthdays and anniversaries, so we BBQ with a vengeance and celebrate everything we can!

This month I'm talking about Sun, Sales, Summer color and Slimming specials - whether you're having a Vacation or a Staycation!


This month's features:

* How to wear Autumn colors in the Summer

* Simply Pink? No, it's all to do with the shades...

* Check out the best SALE buys...

* Understanding Hip shapes - no. 2 Straight or High Hip

* Style Question - How to brighten up my brown hair for Summer?

* Have your slimmest Summer ever with Slimming World!

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