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Issue #011-- Thinking capsule!
April 06, 2014

Thinking capsule!

I've been doing a lot of updating to the Wardrobe Makeover section just recently and really getting my head into gear about Capsule Wardrobes. It might sound a strange time of the year but, in between seasons, is the best time to look ahead. Paris in Springtime! I know that because I'm just about to go on holiday and should know by now that, for summer clothes, we really need to shop in March! Fortunately I needed very little and, as holiday clothes get so little wear anyway, it wasn't necessary to break the bank!

Wardrobe essentials, however, deserve your the time and effort you put into the planning and shopping to make sure they will earn their keep. Everyone's lifestyle is different so think ahead and decide on your Essentials! French Fashion Style.

Have you got a favorite Online Shop?

It only takes one shopping trip for me to realize how much I'm beginning to rely on online shopping. With my feet up I can browse and be inspired! Check the sizings carefully of course and don't leave it 'til the last minute because popular styles will sell out early just like the stores - and everything won't live up to expectations. Kettlewell Colors If you've got your own Color Swatch you'll know how difficult it is to find anything that resembles the colors that you're told will make you look amazing! Fortunately, Kettlewell Colours does just that - a beautiful range of jersey separates made in all the fabulous colors you've been looking for.

But I'd like to feature more!

So if you've got a favorite online shop - for great colors, good styling, excellent sizing, whatever it is that works for you - please let me know. I'd love to feature them on the website so other visitors can benefit. Color Family, You can contact me easily just by hitting Reply to this Newsletter.

Transition into Spring

I'm pleased to bring you a delightful article by a lady called Terry Herman about the transition into a new season. Busy lives can cloud our vision and we forget that we are just a small part of the whole picture! From a background of Health and Wellness she has some great beauty tips to transition into a Spring lifestyle.

Competition Winner

Winner of the Color Analysis competition in the last issue was a beautiful lady Christine Janse from South Africa. Her natural coloring is - would you believe it 'Spring'! I hope to be able to bring you her feedback regarding her color family shortly.

Everyone who entered was sent a £5 gift voucher which can be used towards any Online Color Analysis.

On a personal note...

Now you know I'm not an advocate of dieting, far more interested in encouraging you to be happy just as you are. But sadly my clothes were 'shrinking'! So I joined Slimming World and lost 6lbs in 5 weeks - not earth shattering but what a difference for a small effort. Not only do my clothes fit me again but it's given me that boost of confidence I'm always on about! There's a free 7 day plan on the website at

Just need a quick fix? then it's easy to dress to look slimmer.

until next time, take care


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