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Issue #011-- Thinking capsule and online shopping
May 15, 2014

Thinking capsule!

I’ve been writing and updating articles recently in the Wardrobe Makeover section of the website and thinking about Capsule Wardrobes. Now it may seem a strange time of the year but, between seasons, is really the best time to look ahead. Autumn shopping starts in July!
I’m off on holiday soon and of course because I didn't shop in March, my choice was very limited. Fortunately I didn’t need much and anyway apart from the odd bright addition, how often do we need holiday clothes? So much better to plan ahead for the

Wardrobe essentials that serve you well the rest of the time - whatever your budget.

Online Clothes Shopping...

It only takes one shopping trip to remind me how much I enjoy the browsing, inspiration and the comfort of shopping online! Check your sizes carefully and don't leave it 'til the last minute (they sell out just like the stores), and you can forget the changing room struggle and take advantage of your own bedroom mirror. Everything doesn't live up to expectations of course but when you've found a brand that fits what could be better?
Take a look at my recommendations for Online Clothes Shopping - Kettlewell Colours (an effortlessly stylish range of jersey separates in all the shades from the color swatches) and the new Amazon Dress Edit (an amazing choice of Spring/Summer styles).

Do you have a favorite online shop?

Have you got a favorite online shopping experience? If so, please let me know so I can share your recommendation with other visitors. Is it the colors, styles, sizes, or pricing that work for you? Just hit Reply to this Newsletter, tell me where you like to shop and I'll try to include it.

Do you know how to choose hair color?

Lots of us choose will choose to lighten or brighten our hair for the Summer months - whether fair or dark. But did you know how much it could influence your complexion? Hair and skin are naturally designed to work together so whatever change you have in mind, just decide whether you have a Warm or Cool skin tone and choose the shades to look your best.

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until next time, take care


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