You have an HOURGLASS body shape

A beautifully balanced HOURGLASS body shape! Lucky you!

If you have CURVED HIPS and your shoulders are roughly the same width - whether you are a size 8 or size 28 - you have an HOURGLASS FIGURE. 

You have a well defined waistline and can buy a top and bottom in the same size. This is sometimes called a STAR shape, but there are certainly no straight lines with your figure. 

You're a completely CURVY LADY!

If you gain weight you will likely put it on all over your body further accentuating your curves.

We are all different shapes and sizes but if this is the nearest body shape to your own, come and see how EASY and LOGICAL it is to choose the best shapes to flatter your fabulous figure.

Hourglass Body Type #hourglass figure

Shape not Size

You don't have to have a voluptuous figure to be considered an Hourglass.

Even if you're very slim with shoulders and hips in balance with each other then you still have an Hourglass figure. 

And if you're a bigger lady? This is the ultimate shape as far as the male race is concerned, curves are always in!

The Pros and Cons of an Hourglass Body Shape

Wow look at your positives!

  • you have beautifully rounded curvaceous body with well balanced hips and bottom
  • you have a neat and very well defined waistline
  • shapely legs

Maximize your femininity

  • Fluid fabrics to skim your curves are soft and feminine
  • Ensure that the bust is fitted as well as the hips
  • Tailored clothes for jackets, tapered pencil skirts and coats bring a classy look to a trim figure but the fit must be good
  • Dresses with waist detail show off your womanly shape
  • A peplum is great to show-off your waist - and it helps to minimize your hips
  • A fluid bias cut skirt will skim and slim your hips
Hourglass Body Type #hourglass figure


  • Keep the pattern and details to a minimum, your figure will do it all
  • Don't hide your curves in baggy clothes - you will lose your waist and look considerably bigger
  • Avoid detail around the hips particularly full skirts
  • Trousers are not your best friend!
  • It's easy to look overtly sexy - be aware!
  • Avoid firm fabric shirts - they won't drape around your curves and will gape
  • Avoid finishing a skirt hem at the widest part of your legs - this will widen your bottom half
Hourglass Body Type #Kelly Brook  #hourglass figure

Shapely ladies dress their curves...

Kelly Brook is a natural beauty with dramatic coloring and a tall very curvaceous hourglass figure.

She knows how to flatter her face and figure to perfection, following the line of her body

Hourglass Body Type #Catherine Zeta Jones  #hourglass figure

Dress your curves to advantage

Catherine Zeta Jones wears a dress that follows her curves and shows them to full advantage.

Curved shapes on the dress itself echo the curvy figure shape and a fluid skirt drapes softly around her curved hips and thighs.

Extra fabric introduced at the hemline balances the bust and hipline.

If you put on weight it will usually be evenly distributed throughout your body but you'll always keep a good waist!

Don't be afraid to use good Body Shapewear

Hourglass Body Type #Kim Kardashian  #hourglass figure

Full Hourglass Body Shape

Kim Kardashian carries and enjoys a full hourglass figure and plays it to the full.

She has reported as saying and, in fact, it's even been photographed that she uses Spanx (body shapewear) on the red carpet.

Dress for your OWN body shape

Although you understand the basics of fitting your HOURGLASS body shape, like most of us, you have the odd 'problem spot' when you're trying to find something to fit.

Do you have other figure features that cause you some problem with fitting - perhaps it's sloping shoulders, a hollow back, a bust that's too big or too small! Once you know how to deal with and disguise your problem areas you will always know what to look for and what to avoid!

Petite lady?

5' 3" or under then you're a Petite lady with an Hourglass figure. Check out my styling tips and make the most of every inch.

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